Puncture Repair Preston

Driving on a flat tyre not only compromises your safety but doubles the chance of complete tyre replacement. Technicians at TopGear safely and professionally repair puncture to get you back on the road in no time.

What Causes A Flat Tire?

A flat tire is a deflated pneumatic tire, which can cause the rim of the wheel to ride on the tire tread or the ground potentially resulting in loss of control of the vehicle or irreparable damage to the tire. The most common cause of a flat tire is puncturing of the tire by a sharp object, such as a nail or pin, letting the air escape. Depending on the size of the puncture, the tire may deflate slowly or rapidly.

Signs of Puncture

  • Loss of tyre pressure or immediate tyre deflation.
  • Wheels wobbling or shuddering.
  • Difficulty in steering the car.

What our Customers Say

Byron Finney
Absolutely Fantastic customer service! I even came at what would normally be an inconvenient time and they sorted me out on the spot and now I’ve got me some shiny new tires! Couldn’t be happier!
Waz and the crew at TopGear Wheels & Tyres are absolutely amazing people, highly recommended! Not just great at what they do, but they also make you feel very welcomed and comfortable 🙂 Definitely made me leave with a smile 😊
Jimmy Gligorovski
Brilliant same day service. Waz awesome to deal with very friendly service.
Petre Kolevski
Received the best service and within 30min my car had 4 new tyres fitted and wheel alignment done. Definitely be my go to place!! Thank you
Adrian Madeley
Fantastic and friendly. Great price and super fast service. Thanks to the team.
Manic Zoot
Needed to get a move on quickly and they swapped tires like a formula one team. Great service, many thanks!
Great advice, great service and a great price. Need I say more? TopGear Wheels & Tyres went above and beyond my expectations today.
Maria Manago
Excellent customer service ,had my car back on the road with four new tyres ,highly recommend.
Shania Edwards
Great service rang up the got the car in within a hour and 30 mins later it was done and the guy was very thorough showing what was wrong with the tyres I’ll definitely go back
Joe Darby
Excellent service. Very helpful. Great communication. Highly recommend. Definitely would visit again.

Tyre Puncture Repair In Preston & Surrounding Areas

Repairing experts at TopGear will remove the tyre from the wheel to assess the damage, mend the puncture, refit the tyre, and at last balance your wheels, ensuring a safer drive.

How Does a Puncture Repair Work?

Modern tyres seem to be stronger and more durable, but if you notice your tyre looking a bit flat, puncture repair becomes inevitable. By far the three most common tyre puncture repair methods include an external repair using tyre string, an internal repair using a repair patch, and an internal repair using a combination repair patch and plug.

Can My Tyre Be Repaired?

Whether a tyre can be repaired or not can only be determined once the tyre has been stripped off the wheel.  Damage inspection and the structural integrity of the tyre can then be assessed. 

Although some information can be a good indication for the possibility of tyre repair, only a detail assessment of the size and angle of the puncture , along with internal inspection can tell if the possibility of the repair is there. If a tyre suffers from a major puncture to the tread, on the tyre sidewall or the shoulder it will be deemed unrepairable. If this happens, a new tyre will be needed to replace the punctured one.