Wheel Care & Maintenance

Cleaning your wheels on a regular basis with soap and water can ensure the longevity of your wheels. However, make sure to check first in case of making use of automotive detergents, as some of them can easily target the alloy metal and corrode it. Don’t forget, on a regular basis, to tighten your wheel nuts/studs with a wheel brace.

How do car Wheels Deteriorate?

Every time the automobile brake is used, pieces of the brake pad come off and adhere to the rim, creating a residual film that progressively gets worse over time. As a result, as the brake pad wears out when braking, brake dust begins to build up on the vehicle’s wheel. 

If left untreated, the buildup of brake dust will quickly lead to oxidization, which is another word for rust or corrosion. If left unattended for a long time, the dust may first cause stains before turning into rust.

Signs of Wheel Replacement

  • Vibration and shakiness when steering.
  • There is visible damage to your wheel.
  • Your tyre keeps deflating.

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Extend the Life of Your Wheels

Because rims and wheels are pricey, it’s a good idea to maintain them all year to avoid having to pay a lot for auto maintenance in the future. These three techniques will help you prolong the life of your wheels.

Avoid curbs

Avoid driving too close to curbs or bumping them while parallel parking to prevent your wheels from being bent or having their finish scraped off. Modern rims frequently extend beyond the tire’s edge, which means that they bear the majority of the impact if you have to swerve to avoid another vehicle or parallel park quickly. 

Clean with the proper tools

By cleaning your own wheels, you can cut down on trips to the vehicle repair shop, but you also run the danger of using subpar or damaging cleaning products. 

The best method to preserve your wheels clean and shining is almost always to use mild soap and water together with vigorous scrubbing. Your rims will last longer even if it could take a little longer.